Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Poetic GaRdeN NeWs aNd Updates

It's tHat tiMe of tHe season again wHeRe a lot of cHaNges haVe happeNed
witHiN tHe gaRdeN.
A lot of spiRituaL aNd heAltH gRoWiNg paiNs.  I aM truly gRateFuL for tHose wHo haVe been siNceRe with tHeiR {LoVe} aNd support, truly BelieViNg aNd taking to HeArt tHis Life's JouRney of miNe... as I stRiVe eAch day to gRoW eVeN stRoNgeR
with my HeAveNly FatHeR.
I haVe had to face aNd oVeRcoMe a few epic red tape cHallaNges 
With self reliance goals clashing with liMited resources fRoM eVeRy angle, I aM needing to siMplify tHe way I publish oN all 3 Blogs which iNcludes tHe way I feAtuRe New aRt Pieces
or jourNal oN tHe educational NSD~Blog heRe
Lets face it, protecting and defending tHe HuMaN/Civil aNd Disability Rights
iN tHe CoNstitutioN has wiped this MoMma out!
My main focus at tHis tiMe is needed iN tHe dReAmiNg, cReAtiNg aNd iNspiRatioN
depaRtMeNt for tHe HeAltH aNd Well~BeiNg of tHe GaRdeN.

NoNe tHe less gRateFuL for wHat resources I do haVe; I will be diRectiNg most of my eNeRgy toWaRds facebook aNd beiNg brief oN tHe main blog at  You will discover moRe aRt WoRk, 'Pay it Forward' gifts aNd a laRgeR poRtfolio through facebook.
100% WoRld Record feedback History oN ebay is wHeRe I staRted oNliNe selliNg but no loNger, tHe hate cRiMes, attack, slander even towards my children got too much 
so I AM keeping tHiNgs more siMple aNd quiet
aRt Pieces will be feAtuRed heRe oN tHe main blog aNd through Facebook
{Katie Poeticgarden aNd 'poeticfairy' twitter}
I will also be sloWiNg doWn oN tHe Educational NSD-Blog for a while... i'M tiRed aNd needed somewhere else in this HeArt gaRdeN of miNe!

LiViNg oN a sNail Pace old Apple faithful coMputeR, I aM also liMted oN wHat I can do these days iNcludiNg 'plug-in updates'  ***Email... well I siMple doN't waNt it, beiNg out in nature is more my way of communication, it always has been so message me through
Facebook for purchasing the latest Scrapbook items
It's gReAt retuRniNg to tHe aRt Studio doiNg wHat I {LoVe}... dReAmiNg aNd cReAtiNg!
I haVe plaNted a few new seeds {Goals} iN tHis Life's JourNey of miNe aNd value all tHe BeAutiFuL Artists aNd Real true loyal fRieNds aNd angel faiRies aNd true Son not tHe son of perdition, in helping tHis path gRoW iN {LoVe}
tHaNk YOU for BelieViNg iN tHe GaRdeN aNd always to my Heavenly FatHeR in his loVe

~NaMaste aNd Happy New Year
to more Forgiveness Healing Enlightenment aNd coNtiNued BeAutiFul kNoWledge
Blessed Be

Friday, October 4, 2013

Mental Side of Nutrition

Mental Illness aloNg with Physical has been a huge topic of discussion on so many levels as I coNtiNue to stand up to HuMaN Civil Disability Rights, that I thought it would be wise to write about it now then later, of my current thoughts on the matter, sense it does effect me personally as well.  I can't share all my thoughts in one entry but will in time as I blog on the matter, bring more awareness of what I know to be true of the important link between food and Mental Illness.
I've had to pull my boot straps up and take more responsibility of what foods I place in my own body because the Nervous System is that much more sensitive with Auto~Immune.
Within Central and Connective Tissue Disease/Disorders, I live with Central Nervous System disorder/dis function aka basically the mother load that covers anxiety, depression ~ bi polar in one bRaNch of it, severe abuse aNd permanent abuse of Religious Medical aNd Land Law war trauma aNd Secondaries of Auto-Immune Disorder of Sjodrens/Lupus and Auto-Nomic Nerve Dis function aka daily nervous brake downs.  People get confused, Bi~Polar an inflammatory nerve disease as well as chemical, found mainly in the Central Nervous System family but can also appear as well within Connective Tissue... is not my main on my 'Tree of Life' Central Nervous System is by association of severe abuse aNd trauma to tHe brain stem aNd spinal cord as a infant. 
Food plays a huge role for all Mental Diseases/Disorders aNd including that of physical connective tissue aNd nerve injury, you are that much more sensitive to Synthetics due to the Nerve Disease/Disorders. Our nervous system literally runs the body by the spinal cord and brain stem, which intern runs our organs.  So it's important to respect and love the mental side of our body system and brain first because it's what literally runs our organs including the brain.  Even certain healthy foods are toxic and can inflame the body both mentally and physically so take tHe tiMe to LoVe yourself to eat loVe pray in discovering what's is BeAutiFuL for your aRk aNd TeMple
discover Healthy Natural aNd or Organic, Fundamental Nourishment works for YOU aNd less processed.
So as I slowly adjust to a new season and getting back into the art studio aNd this over the rainbow journey of miNe, I wish YOU a Happy New Year into '2015 that it may continued to BE blessed with prosperity, forgiveness, enlightenment, a 'Golden Age' to natural medicine aNd continued BeAutiFuL kNoWledge

fRoM my GaRdeN to yours Blessed BE

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All Season Starch

It's important to have starch in our daily consumption, however those who suffer with inflammatory diseases even cancer, are highly sensitive to starch and so I have compiled in order the most starch 'potato' to the least starch potato to consume:

Russet Potato - Highest Starch
Yellow Fleshed Potato - Medium
Red Potato - Low
Yams - Low, High in Beta-Carotene
Sweet Potato - Low, High in Beta-Carotene

I personally stay between Red Potatoes and Yams as a main starch in my weekly diet.  I tend to increase my yam intake as fall and winter approaches and eat mostly clean and pure or with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a little bit of Salt & Pepper for the Red Potatoes and drizzled honey over the Yam in place of brown sugar.  Hardy basic stew, add beans or fish in place of beef or pork, carrots, onions and celery, water for low boil steam and enjoy an inexpensive meal. ~Blessed Be from
Google Image

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I had to pause on my medical knowledge, research, studies and findings, to bring to the surface words that need to be written and exposed in order to create change for the better…

What is the point of having a Constitution if we can’t truly protect, defend and preserve the embodiment for which it stands for?
I have discovered on my Life’s Journey how perverted and corrupt the Constitution has become and through my ever evolving existence, I have the ability to over throw and make a difference to ensure the true integrity of the Constitution be saved.
Do I dare speak out even more? At times I find that I don’t have a choice, it’s the ‘Line’ and lineage of my forefathers that envelop who I AM, it’s all that I know. 
A medical journey that continues to reveal itself in the form of protecting one’s Human/Civil and Disability Rights.  Linked by blood relatives of John Hancock and Joseph Smith, holding strong to my testimony and convictions, but not apart of any Religion, I continue to hold firm through my heart and spirit to both the Bible, the missing books from the Bible and The Book of Mormon as beautiful literature showing through time, how brave women and men fought for individual rights, faith, freedom, truths and convictions for something they truly (Believed) within themselves… the Power of the Human Spirit and a connection to something even greater then themselves.
With Human/Civil and Disability Rights violated on such an epic scale within the State of Utah, it has allowed for Freedom of Speech to come forth and give insight and a voice to WE THE PEOPLE and a whole new meaning to a Revolution that has been long overdue. 
In the winter of ‘2010 Religion (LDS Church), Land Law and Medical, collided upon my path, creating an impact that is still in motion today.
Abused and Violated on so many levels by the Utah Government including Religion, by the Medical System and Synthetics Medications that ended a chapter of my life’s journey through reckless behavior of Doctors, Money, Greed and mis-guided insight and direction of Religion that put me in harms way, crossing 3 States (California, Idaho & Utah)   
Told to stop all synthetic medications cold turkey, which shocked my nervous system and in violation of Medical Code of Conduct, creating a perfect storm for death and rebirth in a whole new direction through the Constitution.  Discovering that I can’t have Synthetics in my body, not even in food.  What does this mean exactly?  It means I cannot consume any man made substances even in food or the body attacks itself.  That means no processed food, synthetics and anything taken out of it’s original context.  Persecuted non the less for having obtained this discovery and knowledge in my lifetime, but a blessing to be able to do my part to pay forward with the knowledge I have about Nutrition, Natural Forms of Medicine even linked to scripture terminology and the deadly side effects of Synthetic Man made Drugs.  But it has left me literally fighting for the rights and integrity of the Human Spirit, my Human Spirit and those who come before me who have suffered the same.   Traumatized and medically tortured and damaged by what Land Law, Religion and Medical have put me through, I grasp to my ‘Iron Rod’ of convictions and faith to set the record straight. 
Such a profound death process, knowing first hand that Heaven is Real, God is alive! and I AM walking in my (truth) and in spirit as a ‘Lost Tribe’ Member from the Bible, taking upon an ever evolving spiritual journey and quest to do my part to restore Justice for Human/Civil and Disability Rights.  Most would say that I AM fighting an uphill battle, but I suppose our forefathers were told the same in times past, which never stopped them from protecting the embodiment of the Constitution or of their faith and convictions.  Furthermore, don't send the embodiment of a woman's spirit into 3 States, pointing out and validating her medicine for her medical conditions, approving her for her medicine, validate that she is a member of the 'Lost Tribes' then run and hide and not truly defend in court.  Never write about the 'Lost Tribes' in any scripture doctrine and then when they come forward to walk in their {truth} deny them of their identity and of their journey of persecution and strip them of their complete Human/Civil and Disability Rights.
‘One Nation Under God’ what does that really mean?  As I continue to seek Redemption, Restitution and that of my Inherited Land within a corrupt and outdated and perverted Justice System. 36yrs to finally obtain half of my incomplete Disability, but it came with a huge cost, that of my life before and that of psychological abuse and physical damage I live with today on top of living with my Nerve Disease.  My medical quest doesn’t end there, as the Courtroom wants to separate Church and State upon me as if to see me as a driving force in motion, punishing me unjustly for my disabilities of being non-synthetic, when I don’t even belong to Religion and my rights continue to be violated.  Is this a way to protect themselves from the damage that has been done?  Never did I imagine that in order to obtain disability within this State, that my faith would be tried and questioned on epic proportions and my steadfast knowledge and research of Connective Tissue and Central Nervous System along with detail knowledge of Nutrition and fundamental, organic Natural Medicine, would be slandered and attacked with such psychological threats and abuse by Church and State.  Confirmed, validated and interviewed extensively by Church and State, only to be deceived to the point of wanting to strip me of my identity of who I AM.
Yet everyday as I wake and truly live for my Heavenly Father, I AM reminded of patience, forgiveness, fortitude, love and resilience to protect the integrity of the Constitution and most importantly, that of the Human Spirit. 
To work together, not against Church and State to move forward for a better future of the Human Race and Evolution.  I guess you can say that I take upon a medical cross to ensure the preservation of Disability Rights. 
In closing, I will continue to write in future entries of my Medical knowledge, what I know to be true about my own Human Spirit of Connective Tissue and Central Nervous System and share what my Heavenly Father has given to me about eating a cleaner and more refined diet, what I like to call… eating according to the ‘Tree of Life’ which stands for Love in the Bible.  A more in depth and spiritual approach to eating according to the Plan of Salvation, that can be applied to all mankind with or without ailments.
I owe everything to my Heavenly Father and will always do my part to restore what I know is true in the fundamentals of nature and science to ensure a better and healthier Constitution and a better tomorrow for the Human Race... 
{Human/Civil and Disability Rights should always be established, preserved, protected and defended before Religion} I KNOW WHO I AM!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Butterfly Effect


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Point attractors in 2D phase space.
In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions; where a small change at one place in a nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the theoretical example of a hurricane's formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks before.
Although the butterfly effect may appear to be an esoteric and unusual behavior, it is exhibited by very simple systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill might roll into any of several valleys depending on slight differences in initial position.

 Basic aNatoMy 101:
{note to self} 

tHe 'ButteRfly Effect' is also used iN tHe scieNce aNd medical teRmiNology uNdeR Auto IMmuNe DisoRdeRs as {SysteMic Lupus ErytHeMatosus}
liNked to CoNnectiVe Tissue Disease hoWeVeR wHeN both sides of tHe spiNal coRd aNd bRaiN steM aRe effected, is it possible for CeNtRal NeRvous SysteM to be pReseNt as well?
AttackiNg tHe body's cells aNd tissues oN such aN epic leVel  but eVer so quietly like a delayed reaction of a ButteRfly flappiNg it's wiNgs weeks pRior. 
Because of neRve aNd tissue daMage {fiNe hairs} a delayed reaction to iNjuRy appears.
{Which will be discussed iN tHe next cHapteR}

a 'ButteRfly' iMage appears oVer tHe fRoNt paRt of tHe face aNd top bRidge aReA of bRoW aNd does not haVe to be sigNificaNt iN appearance to be pReseNt.  KeepiNg a wRitteN aNd pHoto jourNal is iMpoRtaNt for self discovery, as tHe iMpRiNt can suRface aNd tHeN fade iNto doRmaNcy.  MakiNg it tHat much moRe difficult for Doctors to see.  RefiNed NutRitioN plays a huge role aNd is iMpoRtaNt to follow aNd will be feAtuRed iN later eNtRies    {iMage by google}

Medical Research Discovery JourNal by

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Central Nervous System

When the spinal cord and brain stem have been effected, it's imperative to be aware of how sensitive the body can be.  The Central Nervous System controls various organs of the body directly:

Skeletal System  Cardiovascular System   Muscular System   Endocrine System
Lymphatic System   Respiratory System  Digestive System
Reproductive System Urinary System  Integumentary System

At times it can seem overwhelming and complex to understand these terms but when you break it down into simple words, the Central Nervous System reaches out like tree branches in the body.
Organ System containing a network of cells call neurons that transmit signals between different parts of the body.  

The {spinal cord} transmits sensory reception from the peripheral nervous system. It also conducts motor information to the body's skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles, smooth muscles, and glands. There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves along the spinal cord. These nerves each contain both sensory and motor axons. The spinal cord is protected by vertebrae, and connects the peripheral nervous system to the brain, and it acts as a "minor" coordinating center.
The {brain} apprehends signals from the spinal cord as well as the olfactory nerves and optic nerves. It allows the body to function. The brain is protected by the skull; however, if the brain is damaged, the results to the human body can be very consequential.  Causes of this range from Trauma, Infections, Degeneration, Structural Defects, Tumors, Autoimmune Disorders/Diseases and Stroke.

Being that there are various symptoms associated with Central Nervous System Disease, I have provided links above, which will better serve when understanding the 'search and discovery' process of {NSD awareness} There are several types of diseases associated with the Central Nervous System

Encephalitis  Meningitis  Tropical Spastic Paraparesis  Arachnoid Cysts  Huntington's
Alzheimer's, Locked-in Syndrom  Parkinson's  Tourette's and Multiple Sclerosis

and will provide a brief overview of these diseases throughout the journaling process.
Overall in dealing with some of wide range of symptoms, Proper Nutrition and Medications can be overlooked greatly which can aggravate the nervous system even more, causing a monopoly of problems when not addressed.  Through process of elimination and trial and error, I will do my best to break down in simple terms and will link personal life experience to this process to help those who live with disease, not feel so alone or isolated. 
Research aNd jourNaliNg by

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spinal Cord

Often referred to as the 'Spinal Column' the Spinal Cord is made up of two Columns.  

The Lymphatic System and the Sympathetic.

The lymphoid system is the part of the immune system comprising a network of conduits called lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph (from Latin lympha "water"[1]) unidirectionally toward the heart. Lymphoid tissue is found in many organs, particularly the lymph nodes, and in the lymphoid follicles associated with the digestive system such as the tonsils. The system also includes all the structures dedicated to the circulation and production of lymphocytes, which includes the spleen, thymus, bone marrow and the lymphoid tissue associated with the digestive system.[2] The lymphatic system as we know it today was first described independently by Olaus Rudbeck and Thomas Bartholin.
The blood does not directly come in contact with the parenchymal cells and tissues in the body, but constituents of the blood first exit the microvascular exchange blood vessels to become interstitial fluid, which comes into contact with the parenchymal cells of the body. Lymph is the fluid that is formed when interstitial fluid enters the initial lymphatic vessels of the lymphatic system. The lymph is then moved along the lymphatic vessel network by either intrinsic contractions of the lymphatic passages or by extrinsic compression of the lymphatic vessels via external tissue forces (e.g. the contractions of skeletal muscles). Eventually, the lymph vessels empty into the lymphatic ducts, which drain into one of the two subclavian veins (near the junctions of the subclavian veins with the internal jugular veins).

The (ortho-) sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is one of the three parts of the autonomic nervous system, along with the enteric and parasympathetic systems. Its general action is to mobilize the body's nervous system fight-or-flight response. It is, however, constantly active at a basal level to maintain homeostasis.[1] 'Tree Story' image on facebook research and journaling by source by wikipedia

Basic aNatoMy 101: oRgaNic aNd fuNdaMeNtal ~ tHe tRee is tHe laRgest oRgaNism iN tHe woRld to a spiNal coRd of a neRvous systeM. A fRactuRed bRaNch is like a bRokeN coRd.