Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Central Nervous System

When the spinal cord and brain stem have been effected, it's imperative to be aware of how sensitive the body can be.  The Central Nervous System controls various organs of the body directly:

Skeletal System  Cardiovascular System   Muscular System   Endocrine System
Lymphatic System   Respiratory System  Digestive System
Reproductive System Urinary System  Integumentary System

At times it can seem overwhelming and complex to understand these terms but when you break it down into simple words, the Central Nervous System reaches out like tree branches in the body.
Organ System containing a network of cells call neurons that transmit signals between different parts of the body.  

The {spinal cord} transmits sensory reception from the peripheral nervous system. It also conducts motor information to the body's skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles, smooth muscles, and glands. There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves along the spinal cord. These nerves each contain both sensory and motor axons. The spinal cord is protected by vertebrae, and connects the peripheral nervous system to the brain, and it acts as a "minor" coordinating center.
The {brain} apprehends signals from the spinal cord as well as the olfactory nerves and optic nerves. It allows the body to function. The brain is protected by the skull; however, if the brain is damaged, the results to the human body can be very consequential.  Causes of this range from Trauma, Infections, Degeneration, Structural Defects, Tumors, Autoimmune Disorders/Diseases and Stroke.

Being that there are various symptoms associated with Central Nervous System Disease, I have provided links above, which will better serve when understanding the 'search and discovery' process of {NSD awareness} There are several types of diseases associated with the Central Nervous System

Encephalitis  Meningitis  Tropical Spastic Paraparesis  Arachnoid Cysts  Huntington's
Alzheimer's, Locked-in Syndrom  Parkinson's  Tourette's and Multiple Sclerosis

and will provide a brief overview of these diseases throughout the journaling process.
Overall in dealing with some of wide range of symptoms, Proper Nutrition and Medications can be overlooked greatly which can aggravate the nervous system even more, causing a monopoly of problems when not addressed.  Through process of elimination and trial and error, I will do my best to break down in simple terms and will link personal life experience to this process to help those who live with disease, not feel so alone or isolated. 
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