Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Poetic GaRdeN NeWs aNd Updates

It's tHat tiMe of tHe season again wHeRe a lot of cHaNges haVe happeNed
witHiN tHe gaRdeN.
A lot of spiRituaL aNd heAltH gRoWiNg paiNs.  I aM truly gRateFuL for tHose wHo haVe been siNceRe with tHeiR {LoVe} aNd support, truly BelieViNg aNd taking to HeArt tHis Life's JouRney of miNe... as I stRiVe eAch day to gRoW eVeN stRoNgeR
with my HeAveNly FatHeR.
I haVe had to face aNd oVeRcoMe a few epic red tape cHallaNges 
With self reliance goals clashing with liMited resources fRoM eVeRy angle, I aM needing to siMplify tHe way I publish oN all 3 Blogs which iNcludes tHe way I feAtuRe New aRt Pieces
or jourNal oN tHe educational NSD~Blog heRe
Lets face it, protecting and defending tHe HuMaN/Civil aNd Disability Rights
iN tHe CoNstitutioN has wiped this MoMma out!
My main focus at tHis tiMe is needed iN tHe dReAmiNg, cReAtiNg aNd iNspiRatioN
depaRtMeNt for tHe HeAltH aNd Well~BeiNg of tHe GaRdeN.

NoNe tHe less gRateFuL for wHat resources I do haVe; I will be diRectiNg most of my eNeRgy toWaRds facebook aNd beiNg brief oN tHe main blog at  You will discover moRe aRt WoRk, 'Pay it Forward' gifts aNd a laRgeR poRtfolio through facebook.
100% WoRld Record feedback History oN ebay is wHeRe I staRted oNliNe selliNg but no loNger, tHe hate cRiMes, attack, slander even towards my children got too much 
so I AM keeping tHiNgs more siMple aNd quiet
aRt Pieces will be feAtuRed heRe oN tHe main blog aNd through Facebook
{Katie Poeticgarden aNd 'poeticfairy' twitter}
I will also be sloWiNg doWn oN tHe Educational NSD-Blog for a while... i'M tiRed aNd needed somewhere else in this HeArt gaRdeN of miNe!

LiViNg oN a sNail Pace old Apple faithful coMputeR, I aM also liMted oN wHat I can do these days iNcludiNg 'plug-in updates'  ***Email... well I siMple doN't waNt it, beiNg out in nature is more my way of communication, it always has been so message me through
Facebook for purchasing the latest Scrapbook items
It's gReAt retuRniNg to tHe aRt Studio doiNg wHat I {LoVe}... dReAmiNg aNd cReAtiNg!
I haVe plaNted a few new seeds {Goals} iN tHis Life's JourNey of miNe aNd value all tHe BeAutiFuL Artists aNd Real true loyal fRieNds aNd angel faiRies aNd true Son not tHe son of perdition, in helping tHis path gRoW iN {LoVe}
tHaNk YOU for BelieViNg iN tHe GaRdeN aNd always to my Heavenly FatHeR in his loVe

~NaMaste aNd Happy New Year
to more Forgiveness Healing Enlightenment aNd coNtiNued BeAutiFul kNoWledge
Blessed Be