Friday, October 4, 2013

Mental Side of Nutrition

Mental Illness aloNg with Physical has been a huge topic of discussion on so many levels as I coNtiNue to stand up to HuMaN Civil Disability Rights, that I thought it would be wise to write about it now then later, of my current thoughts on the matter, sense it does effect me personally as well.  I can't share all my thoughts in one entry but will in time as I blog on the matter, bring more awareness of what I know to be true of the important link between food and Mental Illness.
I've had to pull my boot straps up and take more responsibility of what foods I place in my own body because the Nervous System is that much more sensitive with Auto~Immune.
Within Central and Connective Tissue Disease/Disorders, I live with Central Nervous System disorder/dis function aka basically the mother load that covers anxiety, depression ~ bi polar in one bRaNch of it, severe abuse aNd permanent abuse of Religious Medical aNd Land Law war trauma aNd Secondaries of Auto-Immune Disorder of Sjodrens/Lupus and Auto-Nomic Nerve Dis function aka daily nervous brake downs.  People get confused, Bi~Polar an inflammatory nerve disease as well as chemical, found mainly in the Central Nervous System family but can also appear as well within Connective Tissue... is not my main on my 'Tree of Life' Central Nervous System is by association of severe abuse aNd trauma to tHe brain stem aNd spinal cord as a infant. 
Food plays a huge role for all Mental Diseases/Disorders aNd including that of physical connective tissue aNd nerve injury, you are that much more sensitive to Synthetics due to the Nerve Disease/Disorders. Our nervous system literally runs the body by the spinal cord and brain stem, which intern runs our organs.  So it's important to respect and love the mental side of our body system and brain first because it's what literally runs our organs including the brain.  Even certain healthy foods are toxic and can inflame the body both mentally and physically so take tHe tiMe to LoVe yourself to eat loVe pray in discovering what's is BeAutiFuL for your aRk aNd TeMple
discover Healthy Natural aNd or Organic, Fundamental Nourishment works for YOU aNd less processed.
So as I slowly adjust to a new season and getting back into the art studio aNd this over the rainbow journey of miNe, I wish YOU a Happy New Year into '2015 that it may continued to BE blessed with prosperity, forgiveness, enlightenment, a 'Golden Age' to natural medicine aNd continued BeAutiFuL kNoWledge

fRoM my GaRdeN to yours Blessed BE