Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All Season Starch

It's important to have starch in our daily consumption, however those who suffer with inflammatory diseases even cancer, are highly sensitive to starch and so I have compiled in order the most starch 'potato' to the least starch potato to consume:

Russet Potato - Highest Starch
Yellow Fleshed Potato - Medium
Red Potato - Low
Yams - Low, High in Beta-Carotene
Sweet Potato - Low, High in Beta-Carotene

I personally stay between Red Potatoes and Yams as a main starch in my weekly diet.  I tend to increase my yam intake as fall and winter approaches and eat mostly clean and pure or with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a little bit of Salt & Pepper for the Red Potatoes and drizzled honey over the Yam in place of brown sugar.  Hardy basic stew, add beans or fish in place of beef or pork, carrots, onions and celery, water for low boil steam and enjoy an inexpensive meal. ~Blessed Be from
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